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Welcome to Wine Tours SA, Wine Tours SA is a wine tourism organization that specializes in providing the best private wine tours in Adelaide. We are passionate about wine and we are in love with SA, home to magnificent landscapes and incredible vineyards. It is no wonder that SA has some of the best wineries in the world. We invite you to book a private tour and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the beautiful vineyards and meet with the passionate people behind each bottle that fills your glasses. Taking a private tour of SA offers more than just a sip of the finest wines in the land. At Wine Tours SA, we believe that wine is a concentration of a region’s history, its culture and its flavours, which makes each winery unique.

Exploring Barossa with Wine Tours South Australia

Step back in time with Wine Tours SA transporting you to the world’s greatest wine region. With over 6 generations of families having worked on the Barossan land, dating right back to 1842, the world-class wine has been developed and perfected for almost 2 centuries! Come with us and taste South Australia’s finest wines for yourself that are famous across the globe. From the world’s best Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, to the most fortified shiraz, the Barossa has a wine suited to tickle everyone’s taste buds. We will take you on a heavenly stroll through the famous twining vineyards in the sunny valleys of South Australia. You can lose yourself in the fields of sweet-smelling grapes of over 150 of Barossa’s best wineries before being guided into the cellar doors of your choice for wine tasting.    

Wolf Blass



Jacob’s Creek

Chateau Tanunda

Mclaren Vale

Did you know that the famous Barossa doesn’t only make wine?!

Just because wine isn’t your ‘go-to drink’ on the menu, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice cool alcoholic beverage of your choice at the Barossa!


You can almost taste the hops when you step inside South Australia’s own microbreweries such as Barossa Valley Brewing, Rehn Bier and Greenock Brewery, where you can try Australia’s very own craft beers on tap! And, if they’re not to your taste, then you’re bound to enjoy at least one of the other 60 cans of beer on the menu, brewed by the amazing Barossa.


If you are a gin lover, come and explore the Barossa’s own gin distillery! Discover The Stillery’s rustic tasting room hidden in Penfold’s old distillery, where you can enjoy sampling an array of exotic, hand-crafted spirits in a historic chamber. The Stillery also serves ice cold beer, premium cocktails and of course, the Barossa’s finest wine. There are also light nibbles on the menu for those that feel peckish and wish to sample the local produce.

The Whispering Wall

To wind down the day your final stop could include visiting the remarkable Whispering Wall that retains the Barossa Reservoir.  The uniquely built wall drives tourist attraction because of its sound effects. Words whispered at one end of the dam wall can be clearly heard by someone listening on the other end of the 140 meter wall! It’s almost as if the wall is whispering. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful at the reservoir and a great place to end the day on a high. If you look closely around the reservoir you might be able to spot some kangaroos foraging for food under the trees in the distance before you watch the sun set over the Barossa on your way back to the city of Adelaide.

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